Three Speedy Tips For Building Your Own Bird Aviary

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If you have a burning desire to build your own bird aviary, you’ll discover three fantastic tips here to make the job easy and fun. This enormous bird cage takes on the form of a room that allows you to keep birds in as close to their natural habitat as possible. Before you jump in feet first, bear in mind the amount of space required so that your birds are able to perch, and fly around as often as they choose. Your space must be large enough to give them the freedom of flight but small enough to keep them from flying away.

First, as you are considering building your bird aviary, think about using treated pine logs to create the basic structures. The size should be no less than twelve feet by twelve feet and at least seven feet tall. In this way you are not restricted to the different kinds of exotic birds it can hold. Secondly, purchase chicken wire or glass for the sides.. If you basically live in a warmer climate, chicken wire will be a great fit. Colder climates require glass instead. Choose glass panels that can be easily removed during warmer weather.

Thirdly is taking note of the way you will landscape the project. You’ll need non-poisonous plants (based on the kinds of birds you keep), large pieces of drift wood that’s free from toxic substances, as well as sand on the aviary floor to absorb bird droppings. Your bird aviary will be a source of great pleasure and stress relief for you.

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