Instructions For Dove And Pigeons Aviaries

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If doves and pigeons are your favourite animals, you need to buy a special aviary for them. It can be elaborate or plain, but it definitely needs maximum exposure to the sunshine because these birds love that. Skylights are also a great alternative to have enough sunshine for your doves and pigeons. There are many do’s and dont’s related to a dove aviary.


Flooring is one of the first elements you have to start with. Related to this thing, there are many pro and cons and many choices. Using potted plants is a good idea because you will provide a more natural environment. Sand can be useful, but it’s dusty and pigeons need a great ventilation.

Wire bottoms are easy to clean, attractive and they are also sanitary. Nonetheless, doves don’t do well on wire bottoms because they start to have large sores on their feet and won’t bread anymore. Instead, you can use fly pens and small mesh wire.


Wood floors are easy to clean. Plus, you can use a dry litter of ground corncobs, crushed walnuts or other absorbent material. Don’t forget to avoid dirt floors, so clean them very well regularly. Dirt floors are the cause of many diseases that your pigeons will develop.

Dove Aviary Size depends on the number of doves and pigeons you will maintain. You should also check local regulations before you build such an aviary.

Aviaries for special dove species are important. If you maintain a special dove species, the aviary has to be tailored to the needs of those creatures.


Safety porches protect your doves from flying away from the aviary. This can happen anytime when you open the door to water and feed them. Therefore, you should opt for a small porch or you can build the outside door 4 feet high. Or, you can hand an old sheet or piece of material over the door, so when the door is opened, your birds won’t exit from their aviary.

Space also depends on species. Small species require approximately 3 square feet per dove, while larger pigeons need a minimum of 5 feet of space per individual. Therefore, the more space, the better, mainly because pigeons and doves are very territorial.


An aviary for doves and pigeons can be built even from used materials to save money, so it doesn’t have to be everything new. Expensive or not, you have to think very well about the needs of your birds. Additionally, the location and climate are also very important because they will influence your doves and pigeons.

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