How To Protect Your Pet Birds

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Bird aviaries are very important as they are very useful for your birds. Your birds can fly, be save from predators and benefit from the natural light of the sun. Nonetheless, there are also some disadvantages and risks as bird aviaries may attract diseases and attract wild birds. Many wild birds carry Psittacosis, which can lead to death throughout the aviary.


The best way is to keep wild birds far away from your birds. Follow these instructions and it will be very easy for you:

1. Remove duck ponds or bird feeders. The aviary should be placed far away from trees and branches where wild birds may stay or have nests.

2. Build a roof over the top of the aviary. Be sure they have food and water containers covered. This is very important as unprotected aviaries can also be used by wild birds and this can lead to a disease.


3. The aviary should be enclosed with screen netting to keep wild birds and feathers away from your pet birds. The netting should be placed at least four inches from aviary cage to prevent birds from tearing it.

4. Additional wire mesh would should be placed outside of the screen to provide increased level of protection from wild animals.


Nonetheless, many bird diseases can be diagnosed in the wrong manner, so to avoid problems you should have your birds diagnosed by a vet. This way, you’ll find out if the disease can be transmitted to humans. Avian flu is one of the biggest dangers that may appear anytime. If you see that your birds die suddenly in an increased number, respiratory distress, muscle weaknesses, abnormalities or purple discolorations, call an avian.

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