How to Build a Parrot Aviary

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Building an aviary is one thing… building one for a specific species is another. That is the main reason why you have to get informed on the type of aviary that you want to build according to the bird species that you want to have! Depending on the birds, you will have to crate a certain environment for them to live in. In case you are thinking of parrots, here are the main steps of building the perfect aviary for them:

1. Plan ahead! You know the drill: draw it, measure it up, consider all integrated elements for support, walls, decorum and so on. If you are not very good at this, you can ask for the help of an experienced avian zookeeper. Start by determining the size of the aviary and its shape, which you should draw. Consider the number of birds and their size when opting for a certain dimension and make sure that you have a visible aviary, so that you can supervise it!

2. Lay the foundation! You should use a concrete foundation before actually starting to build anything else. Make sure to leave some spaces for the walls and for the decorum you need to set in the foundation. After the concrete is set in, you can add sand, rocks, stones, gravel and whatever else you see fit for the ground of the aviary to be more natural.

3. Set out the walls of the aviary! You want to opt for thin walls and for wire cloths, so that you can insure the suffice amount of air for the birds, but also so that they will be protected at the same time from rain and from strong winds. Depending on the size of your birds, opt for a stronger type of wire, so that they will not be able to break through it!

4. Consider double doors! Through this you have two opening systems on top of each other, which will allow you a simpler entrance and will also prevent the birds from getting out when you enter or exit the aviary.

5. Build the roof and the shelter! These should be done at the same time as you can opt for the perfect type of shelter according to the type of roof that you used. If you have a roof made out of wire, just like the walls, you may want to consider using a stronger shelter, which will protect the birds throughout the year for example.

6. Add natural elements! Tree branches are mandatory! You can use any other elements you may like. For example, you can have a few branches built in the walls, so that they will be set higher, but you can also have some on the ground. The design is only up to your imagination.

7. Think safety measures! Sensor lights, alarms and locks must be considered in this part of the process, as you will want to protect your birds from anything that may harm them.

8. Keep predators away! You can do this with the help of layers of wire placed on the ground. This way predators will not have access to the aviary.

9. Prepare food and water deposits! Make sure that you have easy access for refilling these supplies for your birds and so that you do not necessarily have to enter the whole aviary for that.

10. Think clean! Opt for special utensils and products, with which you can clean the aviary and all the other bird related elements in the proper way so that they do not become toxic for the parrots, but that they still have a clean environment.


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