Creating a Sanctuary for Wild Birds in a New Aviary

Filed under: Bird Aviary - 22 Feb 2010  | Spread the word !

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Many people enjoy watching little sparrows flit across their lawns in the mornings and to hear the sounds of songbirds chirruping their chorus away is something that can put many people in a better mood, which we all need in the morning. However, the seasonality of these animals combined with the risks that they face when encountering predatory animals causes many people’s hearts to sink. This is because we, as humans, are generally fond of beauty in one form or another and most people find birds, of many varieties, to be very beautiful. However, there is a way to offer these birds sanctuary from the harshness of the natural world and at the same time not domesticate them or slacken their instincts.

Building an aviary in your back yard can allow you to enjoy all of the sights and sounds of these wonderful creatures year round. Many people may see it as overkill for wild animals, but to offer the best protection and therefore the highest likelihood that the birds will stay, it is necessary. However, to what extent you build the aviary is up to you, some people prefer to keep things simple, while many others would rather go over the top to make it look “just right”. Whatever you decide to do there are few things to keep in mind when you build your aviary.

The first thing to consider is what birds you’re hoping to attract as you will need openings, perches and food and water dishes that are appropriate for the species you’re hoping to keep around. The second is that you need to make it predator proof the best of your ability because the birds will often times let their guard down in these sanctuaries.

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