Build a Bird Aviary

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If you are very passionate about birds and taking care of them, then what you need is a bird aviary. In general, there are two types of bird aviary: outdoor and indoor. The outdoor bird aviary allows more space for the birds to move around and exercise, as well as offering a more natural environment. Moreover, the outdoor bird aviary gives the pet birds an exposure to fresh air and direct sunlight.

Every bird aviary is different in terms of design as it depends on the type of birds you want to keep. There are several types of bird aviary. Some people like to have a patio or a solarium style connected to their house, while others go for a free standing facility. There are a few things to consider before building a bird aviary, such as height and width. Specialists recommend that the bird aviary should be three times the wing span of the bird, six times the body of the bird and four times the full body length of the bird.

First of all, like any construction, when you start to build your bird aviary, start from the bottom up. For instance, if you want to keep parrots, then you need to have concrete floors, since they are easy to clean. If you want your bird aviary to have a more natural look, you can put some sand or some gravel. After laying the foundation, you need to build the frame. The frame of the bird aviary can be made from stone, brick or plastic pipes. For the fence and the ceiling, you can use a welded-wire cloth. Again, depending on the birds you want to keep, you have to measure the wire spacing and the gauge parameters. You should choose a gauge that is very resistant and will not allow birds to break it and fly away. Additionally, you will need to incorporate a shelter to protect the birds from rain or snow. The perches also need to be from a very resistant material, such as steel or thick wooden branches. If you follow these steps, your feathered friends will surely enjoy their new home.

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