Birdcage aviary

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Keeping birds as pets can be a very rewarding experience and looking after these birds is usually a lot easier than looking after a dog or a cat. The birds that you keep should feel good in their home and usually would prefer a large bird cage aviary to give them room to move and to fly. Not all bird aviaries are typical of all birds as there are some birds that are ground dwelling and others that prefer the trees. Having both kinds does not always work out, as some ground birds do not get along with the birds that can fly.

Keeping out the predators is another major part of a good quality bird aviary and is an important quality too. Raised bird aviaries can help to keep out rats, mice and snakes. The rats and mice are likely to be there trying to eat the bird foods that have dropped to the floor while the snakes are there to eat not only the rats and mice but also your birds. Most birds will alarm you if there is a dangerous predator about by calling and squawking. Usually the birdcage aviary is secure enough to keep these animals out however even the smallest of holes in the cage or the floors will let in uninvited guests.

The aviary can be small enough to hold one bird or several smaller birds plus small enough to hang from a ceiling while other birdcage aviaries need to be on the ground because their weight will be too much for suspension support. For inspiration you can find many designs of birdcage aviaries online and you will be able to find the designs for them if you are looking to build them yourself. From metal to wood or plain bid netting you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for in design, price and size.

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