Bird Aviary Tips

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The history of bird aviaries goes back to 1829, when the first bird aviary was built at the London Zoo. This bird aviary is considered to be the oldest cage of the kind in the world. However, a bird aviary is different from a cage, in the sense that it is much bigger and allows its inhabitants to fly in a larger living space. If you have recently acquired some bird pets, you should know that purchasing a bird aviary is the smartest thing to do. This is because birds have feelings, too, and if you just lock them up in a cage they might get depressed.

Not to mention that a bird aviary will allow them to fly freely, so they will not feel like they are being captured. So, here are some bird aviary tips, which can be very useful for you. First, remember that a bird aviary needs to be cleaned at all times, as birds are not the cleanest pets in the world and they can make quite a mess. Then, an important thing to know is that birds need light and UV rays in order to absorb calcium, which is vital for them. Calcium tones the birds’ bones and strengthens them, as well. Therefore, you must place your bird aviary near a window, if it is indoor, or in a place where the sunlight can reach it, if it is outdoor.

Optimal exposure to sunlight is extremely necessary, so be aware of this fact when you are thinking where to place the bird aviary. And since I mentioned cleaning before, you should use a disinfectant product on a regular basis when performing this activity. If you want things to be easier for you, then a smart tip would be to cover the bottom part of the bird aviary with a newspaper, which you can remove every day and then place a new one. As you can see, taking care of a bird is not that easy, but it should not be challenging either, as long as you take proper care of its environment and bird aviary.

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