Another Arrest in Bird Aviary Attack Case

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On August 4th, thirty-two birds were violently killed in the Temuka Domain bird aviary. As of now, three men have been arrested in connection to the attack. While two men had been arrested earlier, a third was just arrested. The man who was just arrested is twenty-two years old, while the other two men who had already been arrested were twenty-one and twenty-seven. The men have not only been charged with burglary, but also with cruelty to an animal. Police have also indicated that additional charges may be brought in the case (specifically in relation to vehicle related charges).

Because this bird aviary was so violent, it has created a lot of anger among the public and attracted a lot of attention throughout the media. While it is hard to imagine what would drive a group of men to commit such an act, the fact of the matter is that the men not only killed thirty-two birds at the aviary, but did it in an extremely brutal and violent manner. People who saw the scene firsthand said that many of the birds had their heads ripped off, as well as having their remains thrown around the inside of the aviary. Among the thirty-two birds that were killed were cockatoos, parrots, canaries and rainbowlorikeets. Sadly, some of the birds who were killed were sitting on eggs prior to their death.

Because these were exotic birds, the aviary estimates that the birds were worth over four thousand dollars. Unfortunately, it was the second attack that has taken place at the aviary during the past five years, although this one was much more brutal than the first.

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