A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing Birds For Your Bird Aviary

Filed under: Bird Aviary - 29 Jan 2010  | Spread the word !

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As a bird owner excited about enlarging the number of birds you have in your possession, it’s a good idea to consider building a bird aviary. Housing your birds with aviaries can create a unique and spectacular addition to your home. The style, size, and building material you use for your aviary will be largely determined by the kinds of birds you own. Before you get started, remember to give serious thought to how having a large number of birds will affect the comfort of your surrounding neighbors.

In other words, multiple birds all cooped up together can get pretty loud. Be mindful of how your decision will impact others. With that in mind, think about the size of the birds you’d like to put in your bird aviary. In order to keep the peace, choose birds of a similar size and avoid mixing larger birds with smaller birds. Larger birds can be intimidating to smaller birds and they will dominate the aviary. Your smaller birds will only fly around seeking shelter. Your goal must be to keep your birds healthy, happy and moving about freely, actively.

Furthermore, bear in mind the temperament of the birds for your bird aviary. Birds that are feisty in nature will antagonize birds with a temperament that is mild. Once you have made your decision about what birds to keep in your aviary, put them in the cage in pairs, about a foot apart so that they can roost in privacy.

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